Our Roof Installation Services

ARB Construction is the best roof installation company in Blytheville. We’re run by some of the most skilled and educated roofing contractors in the area, and we’re equipped to handle any type of roofing installation. We’ll make sure your home gets the best protection possible. You’ll never have to worry about your roof again once you’ve worked with us. We’ll give you a durable, resistant, and long-lasting roof over your head that will withstand any harsh weather, including storms, hail, high winds, and anything else Mother Nature throws your way.

Why A New Roof Is Essential

Aside from your home’s walls, your roof is the biggest protector you and your family have against everything the outside world can throw at you, be it rats, wild weather, or anything else. Many small roof problems can be repaired, but over time, your roof will age and break down, putting you on a path towards expensive problems.

Old, ineffective roofs can lose the tight seal that roofs are supposed to have on a house. Without a proper seal, air can escape from your house, which may not seem like a big deal until you check your energy bill. Much like running A/C with the windows open, an old, improperly sealed roof can make your home’s HVAC system less efficient at maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home.

The lack of a proper seal can also leave openings for rats, debris and even rainwater. Broken shingles aren’t the only place water can enter a home, after all. Roofs are one of your home’s main sources of protection, and compromised protection puts you at risk for a multitude of expensive, hazardous problems.

Now we’ll be honest: not every roof with cracked or missing shingles is in need of replacement. We didn’t become Blytheville’s preferred roofer by making easy money off our neighbors — we earned our trustworthy reputation through giving smart, honest roofing advice to our clients. However, cracked and missing shingles are a sign that your roof is in need of prompt attention. When our roofers come and inspect your home, they’ll be able to assess your situation and recommend a best course of action for your roof, be it repairs or a full-on replacement. We strive to deliver trustworthy, reliable, affordable service to all of our clients, no matter the case. Call us today to get your roof inspected for free.


As proud members of the Blytheville community, we hold ourselves to a higher level of service than our competitors. Why? Because that’s what you — our friends, neighbors, and family members — deserve. Having served the areas surrounding Blytheville for more than 50 combined years, our team strives to maintain and protect our stellar reputation through integrity, transparency, and good ol’-fashioned hard work. As roofing specialists, your complete and total satisfaction is our benchmark for success. From the initial inspection until the final cleanup, your roof installation with ARB Construction is guaranteed to be a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Local Roofing Experts

Whether you need a residential roof replacement or a completely new installation of all roofing elements, we have the techniques, knowledge, tools, and equipment to confidently promise a quick project completion while always considering budget and timeline constraints.

We’ll also handle all the insurance claims and details for you. We know just what it takes to avoid delays and claim complications, and our roofing team has established a positive relationship with local insurance agents which helps facilitate a prompt and positive resolution to your insurance claim.

Find out why your friends and neighbors continue to name us as their favorite local roofing company by scheduling a free inspection now. We promise prompt, friendly roofing service that is sure to exceed your every expectation.